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Who we are:

We are from Team Iconic from IQI Global Realty.

IQI Global realty founded since 2012, and we have a team of Negotiators and Professional Agents from every states and more than 15 nations. We not just sell residential property , but more than that such as commercial , landed , agriculture and industrial. Anyway My Desire Home only focus on residential project , include MM2H residential and Bumi friendly residential projects.

If you are Pribumi which not from Malaysia ( Like Brunei/Indonesia) ,which plan to migrate to Malaysia become Bumiputra , then we are here for you , cause we do provide one stop property investment and MM2H solution for Pri-Bumi.

Please don’t hesitate your inquiries or click the WhatsApp button in our site . We will choose the most suitable agents serve you.


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If you plan to know more about MM2H, commercial , industrial real estate around Malaysia and selected countries. Then This is a site you worthy visit for.
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If you plan for a short term trip while purchase real estate around Malaysia, then this site is suit for you, we also collaborate with revovation companies so you can have have peace of mind very soon.
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Looking for EV/Solar Panel Charging installation/ Green Solutions after puchase a landed property? No worries , there is a solution in We Provide Tech.
If you are a real estate agent which looking for digital marketing (Include SEO )and web/tech/automation/video shooting/vr360 solutions . Then We Provide Plt can be a part of solution provider for you.