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The Stallionz

why The Stallionz?

The Iconic and Intriguing Ipoh

Every state in Malaysia has its own unique story to tell, but none quite like Ipoh. From its colourful and glorious history that speaks of thriving tin trades to its well-preserved East-meets-West architecture,Ipoh is quite literally a cultural gem that can charm the hearts of both visitors and locals alike .While many establishments tend to gravitate towards modernism, TheStallion@ Ipoh White Times Square is the first development that aims to hearken back to history and pay homage to Ipoh city as well as its people and rich culture, and indoing so,looks to revive the city’s best elements into one spot and
preserve it for many more years  to come.

Start From RM445K

education facilities nearby
ROI generate more than > 10%

The White Times Square of Ipoh

The White Times Square of Ipoh is set to be an iconic landmark of the city exuding elegance, with a touch of old- world charm but equipped with modern facilities, further elaborated and interpreted throughout the development with its architectural design, lifestyle facilities and sustainable landscape concept. Spreading across 10.5 acres of commercial land with serviced apartment & estimated 140,000 sqft of retail space, this unique creation would add value to the surrounding developments.

However, Ipoh White Times Square will be separated into few phases of development.

●  Phase 1 – The Stallionz @ Ipoh White Times Square (SOHO & Retail)

●  Phase 2 – Serviced Apartment & Retail

●  Phase 3 – Serviced Apartment & Retail/ commercial

●  Phase 4 – Serviced Apartment & Retail

Additionally, with an estimated retail area of over 100,000 sqft at proposed Phase 3 development, we target to bring in not only the attraction/wanted items in Ipoh but also the vibrant and sought out element from Kuala Lumpur or other states. Consider it is a hub and jewelry box that contains Ipoh finest , Kuala Lumpur & other states’ vibrant energy.

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Why Choose The Stallionz ?

Strategic Location

  • Surrounded by matured neighbourhood, facilities & amenities within a 5-10km radius.

  • Located in between Northern & Southern states of Malaysia which will attract short layover in Ipoh before they continue their journey.

Secured Investment / Higher Rental Yield

  • Projected value appreciation at least 4% upon Phase 2 launch.

  • Short term rental which is able to generate R.O.I of around > 8% which is higher than bank interest

Future Landmarks

  • First of its kind façade which incorporate Colonial & Modernism architecture, assimilate local heritage in its common area ID, which will help to attract local or international travellers to stay in The Stallionz.

  • Every corner & landscape in common area is Instagrammable, Free marketing & exposure for The Stallionz whenever someone post in their social media.

Flexible & Hassle Free Investment

  • Purchaser can manage by their own or engage operator ie. MyKey or Mana-Mana Suites to managed their property upon VP.

  • Low entry level, as purchaser only need to invest & initial of 2% to own one of Ipoh future landmark & most of the cost is covered by the developer ie. SPA & LA fees

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The Stallionz – Type A1

The Stallionz-Type A2

The Stallionz Scale Model 

Facilities Plan

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Stallionz facilities2
Stallionz facilities
Stallionz screenshot
Stallionz facilities hall
Stallionz facilities 4
Stallionz facilities last

Why invest the stallionz?

Why invest Stallionz
Why invest Stallionz 2
Why invest Stallionz 3
Why invest Stallionz travel
Why invest Stallionz travel 2
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